MoP 10 day trial

Well I never thought I’d say this but I have to confess I’ll be taking Blizzard up on the offer of a 10 day free trial of MoP.

I had previously thought my time in Azeroth had come to a close after my burnout of Cataclysm and the subsequent launch of the Kung-fu panda expansion, however I have to admit I am more than curious on actually trying out a monk (hell I may even roll a panda) but the thing which really makes me want to return is I miss their dungeons and the ease of being able to participate in them.

One thing’s for sure dungeons are not GW2s strongest point, the fact it’s a battle to actually find a group is one of the problems (not my idea of fun spamming general chat channels) but the major one for me is they just aren’t all that fun. The fact you get no loot bar some tokens is another major downside but also I’m not so convinced about the ‘removal of the trinity system’ in a dungeon scenario.

As things stand having to revive your team mates constantly or run through an entire instance to get back to the boss fight in the hope one person is still left standing just isn’t my idea of fun. GW2 remains my game of choice but it doesn’t quite scratch all those itches.

So ten days to see if I’ll bother picking up MoP………


More possible expansion plot places. These closed gates, even though the road continues… they tingle my plot senses. Behind that gate there be Krakaltorrik. It be the gate way to the desert and Elona. 

GW 2: Salvaging woes

Heres is a little tip to save you a bit of pain.

Sell all exotic weapons on the trading post. Do NOT try and salvage them.

I found out the hard way that its just not worth it.

If you are looking for globs of ectoplasm then stick to salvaging rare items.

The two level 78 exotics I tried to salvage gave me 4 mithril ore in total. This was using master salvaging kits. The rare I salvaged gave me two globs of ectos and ore.

Anyway just thought I’d share to stop people making the same mistake as me.

GW2: Still loving it

One of the main plus points for me in GW 2 is it still feels rewarding and suited to casual play.

Tonight for example I know I will probably play only around half an hour to an hour so will be re-visiting ‘unfinished zones’.

In this time I’ll more than likely unlock points of interest, gather crafting mats, help out in any events that ‘pop’, get some skill points I’ve missed and try my hand at getting some more Vista points. It may not seem a lot but it’s the satisfying feeling that even the smallest thing is worth it and no matter how long or short the play session I have something to achieve.

Whilst this game isn’t for everyone, I am still enjoying every minute and at only 47% map completion I still have a ton of exploring to do.

Just another awesome Vista screen shot

Just another awesome Vista screen shot

No GW2 is not your game. And that is fine, no game suits everybody. It’s not the games fault though and your main problems are concerning things that were advertised. You could have known if you had informed yourself. You could have waited to buy the game until you get an opinion from someone with similar gaming tastes. Bottom line: GW2 is a game some love and some hate, your disappointment was inevitable and your own fault.

Its tough at the top (GW 2 - Vista Screenshot)

Its tough at the top (GW 2 - Vista Screenshot)

an old fav of mine